We create digital content, advertising and social media campaigns. Then we present them in a way that knocks people's socks off.

We not only help you figure out your brand story, we bring that story to life with innovative writing, music, still photography, animation, film and video.

We're tactical, practical and unflappable.

We talk back. We ask: "Why not?" And then we get it done on time and budget.

The bottom line is: we care about your bottom line. But when it comes to awesomeness, the sky is the limit.


Our Story

Disruptive Media Lab began as a curator of content across all social media channels. And while social media remains at the heart of our expertise, we have steadily moved towards our true loves: content creation and video production.

We are a team of seasoned script writers, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, raconteurs, beat-makers, poets, editors, knob-twiddlers, casting agents and social media savants.

DML produces short and long-form content, mixes live action with animation, commissions original works of art and still photography, and writes and produces original music.



Maximize social media. Build brands. Build buzz. Sharpen messages. Spread the word. Name products. Connect dots. Find voices. Make things go. Take pictures. Shoot video & Film. Compose music & lyrics. Wrestle ideas. Create content. Incite change.

Our Works


Join The Lab

  • Senior Project Manager / Producer

    We are looking for a dynamic Senior Project Manager / Producer to join our team. The environment here is fast-paced--no two days are the same. The ideal candidate is entrepreneurial and collaborative. He or she must have 5+ years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns within an agency or corporate environment.

    This is a leadership position: you will manage projects, work with key clients, collaborate with senior staff on account growth objectives and new initiatives. You will be called upon to manage a wide range of interactive projects and solutions, including video shoots and website development.

    The right candidates are professional and highly accountable. They are equally confident in their communication with internal animators and strategists, as well as clients. They know the required steps to complete digital projects, and are skilled in managing timelines. Additionally, they seek out a deeper understanding of the industry and target audience through every project.

    Disruptive Media Lab will feel like home if you:

    • Are direct, but diplomatic.
    • Face adversity head on.
    • Are adaptive to change and the opportunities that come with it.
    • Find innovative solutions to complex problems.
    • Motivate others and command attention.
    • Love dogs

    Additional background and skills required:

    • 5+ years of project management experience within an agency or corporate setting.
    • Experience producing video/film projects or interactive projects – bonus points for both.
    • Bachelor's Degree required.

WE'RE HIRING! Please send resumes to lab@disruptivemedialab.com




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